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Terms and Conditions

You can pay via Paypal.


1 zine everywhere_____________________________________________________3.00 €

2 zines everywhere_____________________________________________________6.00 €
(if the total amount of the zines is 10 € shipping costs will be only 3.00 €)
Example: Good shit+Drawings by sword+ shipping costs = 13€

3 zines or more Everywhere_________________________________________________6.00 €

1 or more prints Everywhere __________________________________________8.00 €
(please contact if more than 3 prints in one order)

1 Print + 1-4 zines Everywhere________________________________________10.00 €

Please contact at , if anything is wrong with the shipping cost.

Shipped by ordinary mail

If you usually expected some problems with the reception of parcel, please, let us know and we'll find the way to send it. We can't be responsible if the parcel lost when ordinary mail is used.

We protect all our packages to arrive at your home on the best conditions. We are not responsible of any damage made by others.

We only send parcel once a week

We respect your right to privacy. None of the information collected on
this site will ever be shared, rented or sold with any outside parties.